Me & The Life

I was born in Barcelona, Spain, and live in Pennsylvania, US, with my husband and two very cute and annoying cats.

I have more than ten years of experience cooking, both paid and unpaid for. I feel energized and confident in a kitchen. I also love cooking for my loved ones with an absolute passion.

I am kind of a weird person. I love old fashioned ways, studied Archaeology in my country and I love the DIY part of life like I am a kid. I also enjoy travelling, meeting new people and having random crazy experiences. That is also something I don’t seem to have much control of. Things just randomly happen to me. No, seriously. They do.

I also believe in love, patience, hard work and compromise. I believe in tolerance, in teaming up with eachother and not against eachother, in kindness and respect.

Cooking is for me not just a passion, but a language of love.

When I cook for my family and friends, I am also telling them that their visit was expected with much love, that I want them to be comfortable in my house. When I cook, I am telling my roommates how much I love sharing a home with them and how much it means to me that we can gather together to do something so basic like eating. When I cook, I am telling the customer how damn awesome I am, how much I love doing this, and how happy I am about making their food. When I cook, I am telling my husband that I love him, that I appreciate everything he does for me, that I want him to get home and relax like he deserves.

When I cook, I also ask my husband a ton of stupid questions about the result, but I didn’t want to break the romantic mood of that last part. He never minds, though. I am a lucky girl.

I could tell you many things about me, but with this blog, there is one that I really want to share: I really do believe that love moves the world, and this is one of my favourite ways to express love.