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About me

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Remember that kid who was too curious for their own good, like Alice in Wonderland? Or the kid that’s incapable of leaving you alone in the kitchen and gets on your nerves asking “why are you doing that?” or “so what do we do now?”. Yeah, that annoying kid, the one that wants to lick the spoon afterwards or eat the cookie dough raw.

Well, I was those kids. I was those kids big time. Like, seriously, I remember being 8
and fantasizing about how Twix candy bars were made. How did they keep the caramel
from spilling on the sides? How do they do that awesome wavy chocolate texture?
I know, I know. I should have known back then that I had a serious problem.

It got worse, though. With the passing of years, I actually learned how to cook. I made
my fair share of absolutely inedible, disgusting concoctions. I was proud enough to eat most of them, and wise enough not to eat the rest. And then someone had the crazy idea of actually hiring me to work on a kitchen.

Ah, fun times. Oh, and I got better, by the way. Now my food tastes delicious.

So here I am! For the first time in my life, I happen to have MY OWN KITCHEN. Yes, my very own kitchen, filled with the ingredients I want – or can find and afford, rather. The joy of having my kitchen and being able to do whatever I want in there is what I want to share with you all.

In other things I can tell you about me, I will say I am from the beautiful crazy city of Barcelona, Spain. I currently live in Pennsylvania with my husband, whom I adore and love to cook for, and two lovely kitties that enjoy being in the way of my cooking. A lot. That ranges from making me trip over and over when I move in the kitchen, to shedding anywhere, to jumping around when I serve my husband his food.

We are also pretty broke, too. That’s why my recipes are either very simple to make, or require just a little bit of a few things to work well. You will also see I use each ingredient in a lot of different recipes.

You will also see that I use a combat knife to cook, a shelf board to cut things on, and the bottom of a gallon bottle as a colander. Also, that my kitchen is kinda tiny and I recycle everything I possibly can. I have zero shame, my friends. I also have zero funds, which helps a lot with the shame thing.

I hope you enjoy my little Wonderland. Welcome to my crazy kitchen!